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Call for Applications: University of Bonn: Fellowships for Editing Texts in Islamic Intellectual History

May 17, 2019

Editing key texts of the Later Middle and Early Modern Periods of Islamicate Intellectual History

This call for applications pursues a novel approach to one of the fundamental problems of Islamicate History, and Islamicate intellectual history in particular: With the support of the Alexander von Humboldt Kolleg of the Islamicate Intellectual History of the Later Middle and Early Modern Periods at the University of Bonn, scholars are invited to submit a proposal for the critical edition and/or translation into English of a key text of this period. With an estimated 85% of the texts of the Later Middle and Early Modern periods remaining unpublished, basic research (“Grundlagenforschung”) is required to make accessible key texts. In the case of Islamic Studies such basic research means indeed preparing critical editions of primary texts based on a careful selection and comparison of the extant manuscript witnesses of relevant texts.

In a time and world where critical editions are not the stuff that attract financial support, this is a unique opportunity for those scholars for whom solid philological work means something. Applications for the completion of an edition that has already been begun are also welcome.

With this, first, call for applications, we invite scholars to apply for two different strands of residential fellowships, one (i) for an already identified work that we believe deserves publication, and one (ii) bottom-up proposal for the preparation and publication of a critical edition of a text freely chosen and proposed by the applicant. The texts should pertain to the period 1200-1600 and can be written in Arabic, Persian, or Ottoman or Chagatay Turkish.

(i) Call for applications to prepare a critical edition of one of the unpublished parts of Ṣadr al-Sharīʿa’s (d. 747/1347) Taʿdīl al-ʿulūm. Applications are particularly encouraged from such scholars who have previously worked on Ṣadr al-Sharīʿa and/or have already started preparing a (partial) edition, though entirely new projects are equally welcome. The length of the fellowship depends on the reasoned timeline proposed in the application.

(ii) Call for applications to prepare a critical edition and/or English translation of a relevant text freely chosen and suggested by the applicant.

Eligibility: Scholars of all nationalities are eligible to apply. Applicants should hold the Ph.D. or equivalent in hand by the time of the start of their scholarship, usually in October of each year, and must prove excellent knowledge of the academic field, historical context, and literary language in which was composed the work they propose to edit, together with a thorough understanding of, and preferably prior experience in, reading and editing Islamic manuscripts according to the latest academic standards.

Duration: While Fellowships at the Alexander von Humboldt Kolleg are usually for the duration of 9 months, the length of the fellowships can be adjusted to the actual time needed for the critical edition of a given text, depending on the time necessary for completing such a project as reasoned in the proposal.

Fellowship: In addition to a monthly stipend, this research fellowship will provide successful applicants with working space as well as access to the various libraries and other research facilities at the University of Bonn. We shall also be happy to facilitate contact with other colleagues and research institutions in Bonn and in Germany. Depending on the experience of the applicant, a stipend equivalent to in the amount of an Alexander von Humboldt Post-doctoral Research Fellowship (2.650 Euro/month) or Alexander von Humboldt Senior Research Fellowship (for scholars with a university post or equivalent) plus travel to and from Germany, and financial support to acquire the relevant manuscripts will be awarded. Information about support needed for the acquisition of relevant manuscripts should be provided together with a reasoned budget at the time of application.

To apply, please submit a letter of interest together with a curriculum vitae, a proposal, and in the case of Post-doctoral applicants also the names and contact details of three referees to [email protected] The proposal should not exceed five pages, including bibliography, and should review the state of the art, state why it is important to publish the selected work, name the manuscript witnesses to be considered for the edition, explain the method to be used and why the applicant is apt to undertake the proposed edition, and give a realistic and reasoned estimate for the time and resources required to prepare the edition. Proposals for the completion of editions that are already under way are welcome, and will be scrutinized by the same standards as proposals that start from scratch.

Grant value: 2.650,– Euro/month, plus travel to and from Germany, and financial support to acquire the relevant manuscripts based on the budget submitted at the time of application.

Start date: 1 October 2019.

Closing date for applications is 12 noon on Friday, 17 May 2019.

To apply for this Fellowship, please submit the required application material to [email protected]

Prior questions are welcome and may be directed to [email protected]

For further information, and how to apply, please see https://www.academia.edu/38788863/Call_for_applications_Residential_Fellowships_for_the_Critical_Edition_of_Key_Texts.