Islamic Law Writing Prize

The Program in Islamic Law at Harvard will award a prize of $1,000 annually to the Harvard Law School student writing the best paper in the field of Islamic legal studies or on the intersection between Islamic law and related fields. Papers eligible for consideration will be ones written during the current academic year, addressing any topic in Islamic legal studies, drawing on approaches of legal history, law and society, and/or comparative law. Papers are due by email to typicaly on the last Friday of April each spring semester. Please direct questions about Writing Prizes to April Pettit in the Office of Academic Affairs at HLS. The deadline for paper submissions for the 2018-2019 academic year has passed. 

Past Recipients

Katherine Gonzalez (JD’17), Unconstitutional Corporal Punishment
Zeeshaan Hashmi (LLM ’16), Unconstitutional Constitutional Amendments or Amending the Unamendable? A Critique of District Bar Association Rawalpindi v. Federation of Pakistan
Marzieh Tofighi Darian (LLM ’15), Jurisprudential Differences in Sunnī Law and Shī’ī Law and Their Impact on Constitutional Drafting and Design