Harvard Series in Islamic Law

The new Harvard Series in Islamic Law at PIL is a selective book series, published by the Program in Islamic Law and distributed through Harvard University Press, for outstanding scholarship on Islamic law. All manuscripts undergo double-blind peer review, and are evaluated by the editorial board for excellence, novelty in scholarly contribution, and rigor of research and writing in ways that fits within the Series.

Current Publications (PIL)

3.  Hossein Modarressi, Text and Interpretation: Imam Jaʿfar al-Ṣādiq and His Legacy in Islamic Law (2022)

2.  Jocelyn Hendrickson, Leaving Iberia: Islamic Law and Christian Conquest in North West Africa (2021)

1. Mohammad Fadel and Connell Monette (eds.), al-Muwaṭṭaʾ [Imam Mālik b. Anas], the Royal Moroccan Edition: The Recension of Yaḥyā Ibn Yaḥyā al-Laythī (2019)

Previous Publications (ILSP) 🛈

7. Intisar A. Rabb and Abigail Krasner Balbale (eds.), Justice and Leadership in Early Islamic Courts (2017)

6. Asifa Quraishi and Frank E. Vogel (eds.), The Islamic Marriage Contract: Case Studies in Islamic Family Law (2008)

5. R. Michael Feener and Mark E. Cammack (eds.), Islamic Law in Contemporary Indonesia: Ideas and Institutions (2007)

4. Maya Shatzmiller, Her Day in Court: Women’s Property Rights in Fifteenth-Century Granada (2007)

3. Nurit Tsafrir, The History of an Islamic School of Law: The Early Spread of Hanafism (2004)

2. Peri Bearman, Rudolph Peters, & Frank E. Vogel (eds.), The Islamic School of Law: Evolution, Devolution, and Progress (2005)

1. Gideon Libson, Jewish and Islamic Law: A Comparative Study of Custom During the Geonic Period (2003)


Occasional Papers

The Occasional Papers Series provides a forum to deepen and amplify excellent scholarship in Islamic legal studies. The series seeks to promote discussion about Islamic law scholarship in the twenty-first century, with contributions from authors who comment on contemporary debates, historical trends, and policy aspects of Islamic law. The series is peer reviewed and open access; it is available for download free of charge. 

Current Papers (PIL)

  1. Will Smiley, The Other Muslim Bans: State Legislation Against “Islamic Law” (January 2019)
  2. Nathan Brown, Comparing the Religion-State Divide in the Arab World: Constitutions (April 2017)

Previous Papers (ILSP)🛈

  1. Kilian Bälz, Sharia Risk: How Islamic Finance Has Transformed Islamic Contract Law (September 2008)
  2. Nimrod Hurvitz, Competing Texts: The Relationship Between al-Mawardi’s and Abu Ya`la’s al-Ahkam al-sultaniyya (October 2007) 
  3. Hisako Nakamura, Conditional Divorce in Indonesia (July 2006) 
  4. Mitsuo Nakamura, Islam and Democracy in Indonesia: Observations on the 2004 General and Presidential Elections (December 2005)  
  5. Wilfried Buchta, Taking Stock of a Quarter Century of the Islamic Republic of Iran (June 2005)
  6. Jeanette Wakin, Remembering Joseph Schacht (1902-1969) (January 2003)
  7. Nawaf Salam, Civil Society in the Arab World: The Historical and Political Dimensions (October 2002)
  8. Parvez Hassan and Azim Azfar, Moving Toward an Islamic Financial Regime in Pakistan (September 2001)
  9. David S. Pearl, Islamic Family Law and Its Reception by the Courts in England (May 2000)