Omar Abdel-Ghaffar
Research Assistant, 2020-Present
Omar Abdel-GhaffarResearch Assistant, 2020-Present

Omar Abdel-Ghaffar is a JD-PhD student at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies and History Department. His research interests are in late medieval Islamic legal and social history, with a particular interest in courts and conceptions of justice. Before coming to Harvard, he completed his MA at Columbia University and his BA at UCDavis. 

Jinge Cao
Research Assistant, 2024-Present
Jinge CaoResearch Assistant, 2024-Present

Jinge Cao is a Master of Theological Studies candidate focusing on Islamic Studies at Harvard Divinity School.

Worthy Cho
Research Assistant, 2024-Present
Worthy ChoResearch Assistant, 2024-Present

Worthy is a J.D. candidate at Harvard Law School. She received her B.A. in Economics from Carleton College. Her areas of interests include comparative law, criminal procedure, and data analytics. 

Majid Dohan
Research Assistant, 2023-Present
Majid DohanResearch Assistant, 2023-Present

Majid Dohan is a PhD Candidate in the Anthropology and Middle Eastern Studies program at Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Reema Doleh
Research Assistant, 2024-Present
Reema DolehResearch Assistant, 2024-Present

Reema Doleh is a J.D. Candidate at Harvard Law School. She received her B.B.A from Baruch College in Finance. 

Rimsha Saeed
Research Assistant, 2024-Present
Rimsha SaeedResearch Assistant, 2024-Present

Rimsha Saeed is a 1L at Harvard Law School. She received her bachelors in Public Affairs from UCLA and is interested in property and family law, as well as legal issues arising at the intersection of American and Islamic law.

Cem Tecimer
Research Assistant, 2016-Present
Cem TecimerResearch Assistant, 2016-Present

Cem Tecimer is an SJD Candidate at Harvard Law School.