Omar Abdel-Ghaffar
Research Assistant, 2020-Present
Omar Abdel-GhaffarResearch Assistant, 2020-Present

Omar Abdel-Ghaffar is a JD-PhD student at the Center for Middle Eastern Studies and History Department. His research interests are in late medieval Islamic legal and social history, with a particular interest in courts and conceptions of justice. Before coming to Harvard, he completed his MA at Columbia University and his BA at UCDavis. 

Tiran Bajgiran
Research Assistant, 2022-Present
Tiran BajgiranResearch Assistant, 2022-Present

Tiran Bajgiran is an SJD candidate and Knox Fellow at Harvard Law School

Saaleh Baseer
Research Assistant, 2023-Present
Saaleh BaseerResearch Assistant, 2023-Present

Saaleh is PhD candidate in the History-CMES joint program and interested in postclassical Ḥanafi legal theory, Mughal political theology, and the development of Ḥanafi substantive law in Mughal India.

He earned his BA at Columbia University, in History. He has also completed a six-year Dars-i Nizami course in South Africa and has spent three years training as a Mufti at Darul Qasim College, writing over two-hundred fatwas in Hanafi doctrine.

Majid Dohan
Research Assistant, 2023-Present
Majid DohanResearch Assistant, 2023-Present

Majid Dohan is a PhD Candidate in the Anthropology and Middle Eastern Studies program at Harvard’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Ariq Hatibie
Research Assistant, 2021-Present
Ariq HatibieResearch Assistant, 2021-Present

Ariq Hatibie is a 1L at Harvard Law School interested in human rights and international law. He has worked for the European Commission on investor-state arbitration issues, collaborated with the International Crisis Group on a transitional justice project for the Yazidis of Northern Iraq, and conducted research in the fields of public health, nuclear diplomacy, and peacebuilding. At Harvard, he is an articles editor for the Human Rights Journal, and is part of the Advocates for Human Rights.

Ariq holds a BA in Global Affairs from Yale University and an MSc in Global Governance and Diplomacy from the University of Oxford.

Abdelrahman Mahmoud
Research Assistant, 2020-Present
Abdelrahman MahmoudResearch Assistant, 2020-Present

Abdelrahman Mahmoud is a PhD Candidate in the History and Middle East Studies program at Harvard's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

Cem Tecimer
Research Assistant, 2016-Present
Cem TecimerResearch Assistant, 2016-Present

Cem Tecimer is an SJD Candidate at Harvard Law School.