SHARIAsource is a portal for Islamic law and data science tools that offers a window onto the digital world of Islamic legal studies. Its growing set of digitized texts and digital tools enable researchers to better explore an access a growing set of sources in this area, in ways meaningful to particular research inquiries and to the general landscape of Islamic and comparative law at Harvard and around the globe. Organized geographically and historically, the Portal’s variety of primary sources illustrate the long and diverse history of Islamic law and related fields. The Portal allows editors who are leading and emerging researchers in the field to collect, collate, and house primary sources in tandem with scholars from other institutions with a broad scope covering both historical and contemporary developments and debates in Islamic law. The Online Companions to the Harvard Series in Islamic Law and other publications allows authors and translators to provide additional content and context on what was left on their books’ cutting room floors. Our Special Collections provide curated sources on specialized topics in a useful and interactive format.

Reports are that SHARIAsource is a first stop for teachers looking for primary-source materials, researchers interested in the status of and a starting point for research on Islamic law in any particular country, and scholars seeking to join our editorial community for a place to house, organize, and widely share their own primary sources on Islamic law related to research just published or that they wish to consider for publication — for the conversations sparked from it and otherwise! Proposals for the SHARIAsource Portal must be submitted through this form.