As a part of its mission of promoting research and providing resources to advance the academic study of Islamic law, the Program in Islamic Law supports projects that provide both content and context in the field in ways that are accessible and useful. Specifically, we will combine digitized collections of sources with data science and AI methods to create digital humanities tools that will expand access to knowledge and facilitate new research and analysis in the field. The SHARIAsource Portal provides a window into the digital world of Islamic legal studies, with a growing digital library of Islamic law and AI tools to access them. StackLife will provide a virtual browser to view the Harvard Library Islamic law collection — one of the most extensive in the world. Users around the globe will be able to view the material as the digitization effort expands, and collaborator institutions with additional sources on Islamic law (legislation, court cases, fatwas) will be able to add their own “shelves” to this virtual library. The Digital Islamic Law tools in development are designed by and with scholars in the field to make possible close and distant reading of historical and contemporary texts.