Program in Islamic Law Writing Prize

The deadline for the 2021–2022 paper prize has passed. Please check this page in spring 2023 for information on the 2022–2023 paper prize.

Past Recipients

Iman Masmoudi (JD ’24), “The Role of Notaries in the Practice of Islamic Law: ‘Udūl in Late Ottoman Tunisia”
Shayan Karbassi (JD ’22), “Pursuit of Supranational Authority: Constitutionalism and the Islamic Republic of Iran” 
Iqra Saleem Khan (LL.M. ’21), “Unwilling Cowives and the law of Polygamy in Pakistan”
Orubah Sattar Ahmed (LLM ’19), “Lost Chastity to Lost Honor: The Heuristic Shift in Rape Discourse by the Supreme Court of Pakistan”
Katherine Gonzalez (JD ’17), “Unconstitutional Corporal Punishment?: Hudud Penalties and the Tension Between Constitutionalism and Islamic Conservatism in Malaysia”
Zeeshaan Hashmi (LLM ’16), “Unconstitutional Constitutional Amendments or Amending the Unamendable?: A Critique of District Bar Association Rawalpindi v. Federation of Pakistan
Marzieh Tofighi Darian (LLM ’15), “Jurisprudential Differences in Sunnī Law and Shī’ī Law and Their Impact on Constitutional Drafting and Design”