Islamic Law Portal, Publications, Programs

The SHARIAsource Portal is home to a growing library of primary sources for Islamic law (historical texts, legislative and court records, and fatwas or documents). We collect these sources through digitization, partnerships, and individual contributions. We also use data science and AI to curate and build digital humanities tools that make the Portal’s Islamic law sources more accessible and useful, and to facilitate new research and analysis. 
Our Publications promote cutting-edge scholarship on Islamic law. The Harvard Series on Islamic Law at PIL (a book series with Harvard University Press), the Harvard Papers in Islamic Law occasional paper series, and the forthcoming Journal in Islamic Law produce peer-reviewed scholarship. The related Journal Forum (an online companion to the Journal), Community Forum (for editors: login required), and Blog (for public engagement: open access) facilitate more up-to-the minute scholarly conversation and debate on less formal platforms. 
The Program provides funding for fellows, hosts regular events that range from an Islamic Law Lecture Series to special workshops and conferences on new developments in Islamic law, and support for students with programming that includes a teaching curriculum with affiliated faculty, travel grants, research opportunities, and a paper prize
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