Professor Intisar Rabb, Islamic and Criminal Law in Medieval and Modern Times

On June 30, 2021,  PIL Faculty Director, Professor Intisar Rabb presented a lecture on  Islamic and criminal law in medieval and modern times. Her lecture is a comparative review of the history of crime and punishment in Islamic societies. In most studies of the penal code or Islamic law, the principles, practices and justifications of punishment […]

Professor Intisar Rabb, “Metacanons: Comparative Textualism at SCOTUS and in Islamic Law”

On April 13, 2022 at 3:50- 5:00 pm (EST), PIL Faculty Director, Professor Intisar Rabb presented the Irving Tragen Lecture on Comparative Law at UC Berkeley Law titled “Metacanons: Comparative Textualism at SCOTUS and in Islamic Law.”This talk took a comparative law look at shared methods of interpretation for textualists in two very different legal systems: […]

Journal of Islamic Law Volume 3: Special Issue

We are pleased to announce the publication of the third volume of the open-access, peer-reviewed Journal of Islamic Law, a special issue on racial justice and equality. We invite you to digitally explore the third issue which started with one question: how do Islamic legal traditions, whether in theory or in practice, inform contemporary debates on racial justice […]

June Newsletter

The Program in Islamic Law’s (PIL) monthly newsletter is out for the month of June! Content includes a year in review, with a video montage of pictures from the past year, our recent Fellow Spotlight, featuring Professor Rabiat Akande, our Islamic Law in Nigeria special collection, our recent blog posts on the Karnataka hijab ban, and […]

May Newsletter

The Program in Islamic Law’s (PIL) monthly newsletter is out for the month of May! Content includes a note from our Faculty Director, Professor Intisar Rabb,  to recent graduates, an amicus brief submitted by over 50 faith-based organizations on the issue of abortion, our recent roundup on abortion and Islamic law, our new lead blog […]

Workshop: Islamic Perspectives on a Posthuman Future, University of Groningen, May 28, 2022

On Saturday the 28th of May, the workshop ‘Islamic Perspectives: on a posthuman future’ will be held at the Court Room, Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies, University of Groningen. The workshop will include a submission by PIL Data Science Fellow Dr. Yusuf Celik titled “The Hermeneutics of Posthuman Futurity for Islamic Thinking: Theological and Legal […]

ILSS: Irene Schneider

On Tuesday, April 12, 2022 12:00-1:00PM US EST via Zoom, Professor Irene Schneider (Göttingen University) spoke about her new book, “Debating the Law, Creating Gender: Sharia and Lawmaking in Palestine”  (Brill, 2021). She examined how family law in Palestine, despite being a controversial topic publicly debated by representatives of the state, Sharia establishment, and civil society, does […]

April Newsletter

The Program in Islamic Law’s (PIL) monthly newsletter is out for the month of April! Content includes welcoming our new PIL-LC Fellow, Dr. Dilyara Agisheva, recent uploads to our Portal on Islamic Law in U.S. Prisons, videos from our last two Islamic Law Speaker Series talks, last month’s guest editor’s contributions, and much more! Subscribe to […]

Experiments in Tracking Canons across the Mecelle

Last term, we convened a CnC Research Working Group to bring together a global group of scholars interested in interpretation in Islamic law to share works in progress, read texts, and discuss new ideas on research questions relevant to the history of interpretation, courts, and canons. One aim was to better understand legal canons as tools […]

ILSS: Issam Eido

On Tuesday, March 8, 2022, Professor Issam Eido (Vanderbilt University) presented “Pre-Canonical Islamic Legal Canons: An Analysis of Early Hanafi Literature” as part of our Islamic Law Speaker Series. Eido traced the legal canons that were used in early Hanafi sources, beginning with Muḥammad ibn al-Ḥasan al-Shaybānī’s (d. 189/805) works and ending with Abū Zayd […]