Necessity, Taking Property, and the Dilemma of Compensation in the Islamic Legal Tradition

Dr. Dana Lee presented her research in her lunch talk “Necessity, Taking Property, and the Dilemma of Compensation in the Islamic Legal Tradition.” Speaking to an audience comprised of comparative law, and history students and scholars, Dr. Lee discussed necessity within the Mālikī legal tradition. She provided a historically-rooted account of how Mālikī jurists engaged […]


Equity and Equality: The Economics Behind Women’s Property Rights in Islamic Law

On Tuesday, October 22nd, Professor Maya Shatzmiller of Western University spoke to an audience of eighteen scholars on “Equity and Equality: The Economics Behind Women’s Property Rights in Islamic Law.” Part of the PIL Islamic Law Lecture Series, this talk drew from research for Professor Shatzmiller’s forthcoming paper of the same name. She focused on […]


Professor Intisar Rabb to Speak on Keynote Panel at 2019 Political Theology Conference

Professor Intisar Rabb will be a featured speaker alongside Professor Michelle Alexander, Reverend Dr. William J. Barber, and others at the Political Theology Conference to be held in October 2019. The sponsoring network of schools has posted registration information.  From <https://politicaltheology.com> Political Theology names a multidisciplinary field of research that engages the unwieldy relationship between […]

SHARIAsource Partners at UMD & OpenITI Receive $800k Mellon Grant to Create Arabic OCR Tool

The Mellon Foundation awarded SHARIAsource partners at UMD & OpenITI a grant of $800,000 to continue work on Corpus Builder: the first Arabic OCR tool for historical texts, and an integral tool for research on Islamic law. SHARIAsource provided significant support in building the initial infrastructure for  CorpusBuilder 1.0 and will play a lead role […]


Summer RA Opportunities

Professor Rabb seeks Summer RAs for projects on Islamic Law Professor Rabb seeks 2-3 Research Assistants (HLS students or Harvard graduate students) for research on Islamic law, in conjunction with the Program in Islamic Law at Harvard Law School. Knowledge of Arabic, Persian, or other foreign languages is not necessary (but welcome). Open to HLS […]


Digital Islamic Law Lab :: Textual Analysis

Open to CS students, law, and graduate students, and anyone interested in combining digital humanities with research in Islamic law. Monthly meetings will provide time to workshop, test, and improve tools that participants will work on in the month prior to meeting for collective discussion throughout the semester. The Lab is advised by Harvard faculty […]

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Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf Speaks on His Love for Basketball and Civil Rights

As the keynote address to the 2019 Harvard Sports Law Symposium on April 1, former NBA player and civil rights activist Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf spoke about his childhood, basketball career and experience advocating for social justice in the United States. Professor Intisar Rabb initiated the conversation in a “fireside chat” with questions about Abdul-Rauf’s inspiration for […]


Technologies for Digital Islamic Law: Network Analysis

Advised by Harvard Law School faculty and MIT data scientists, the Digital Islamic Law Lab is a monthly workshop that provides an opportunity for participants to develop three new digital tools for the community of Islamic law scholars, to be published on the SHARIAsource portal. Open to CS students, law and graduate students with an […]


Digital Workshop :: Network Analysis For Islamic Law And History

Jeremy Guillette, Digital Scholarship Facilitator, Harvard University Jeremy Guillette will demonstrate and discuss established and emerging tools for network analysis students of Islamic legal history and contemporary Islamic law may use in their research. Space is limited. For details and location, RSVP to shariasource@law.harvard.edu.


Digital Workshop :: Trace: A Tool For Mapping Historical And Contemporary Islamic Laws

Sharon Tai , Deputy Editor, Program in Islamic Law, Harvard Law School Sharon Tai will discuss and demonstrate a new digital tool available to researchers of historical and contemporary Islamic law on SHARIAsource. The tool, built by affiliates and graduates of Harvard’s Program in Islamic Law and the MIT Media Lab, uses textual analysis to […]