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Call for Papers: De Jure: Jurnal Hukum dan Syar’iah, June 2024

June 1

From the journal:

The development of Islamic law in modern countries is an interesting study material for scholars and policymakers. Islamic law is believed to be able to build a civil society. De Jure: Jurnal Hukum dan Syar’iah aims to be an active forum to discuss new ideas about the development of Islamic law in Muslim or non-Muslim countries. This journal is not a forum for normative reflection on Islamic law but it focuses on the implementation, adaptation, compromise, or absorption of Islamic law in the national law of a country based on the principles of democracy, justice, rule of law, tolerance, and peace building.

De Jure: Jurnal Hukum dan Syar’iah focuses on contemporary issues in the field of Islamic law in indonesia and muslim countries with gender, political, and human rights approaches.

This journal provides insight into the contemporary dynamics of Islamic law by focusing on the question of how Islamic law adapts to various interests so that it becomes state law. This journal focuses on what Muslims actually do in order to accommodate Islamic law in a modern legal state.  De Jure considers that Islamic law can be used as a basis or source for the formulation of modern state law today.

Articles that make a more general theoretical or comparative contribution are preferable to those that focus narrowly on a particular society. Papers based on a single country or case should also address issues relevant to the implementation of Islamic law outside the country in question.

De Jure: Jurnal Hukum dan Syar’iah published by the Sharia Faculty of Universitas Islam Negeri Maulana Malik Ibrahim Malang,East Java, Indonesia.  De Jure has been accredited (SINTA2) by The Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia (Decree of the Director General of Strengthening Research and Development Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education No. 30/E/ KPT/2019). Since Volume 14 issue 2 2022, the editors only accept and publish articles in English only.

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