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UK Family Law Conference: “Relationship Breakdown: Informal and Legal Solutions”

December 14, 2018

Event Summary:

This symposium focuses on relationship breakdown where there is no state recognised marriage. This may include couples in a religious-only marriage, those whose ceremony was conducted by a non-religious belief organisation, those who are cohabiting, or a range of other relationship types which fall outside of the ambit of a state recognised marriage.  It also considers the role of religious tribunals where there is a state recognised marriage. …

The issue of gender inequality and agency in family law and family practice also arises. Where informal dispute resolution is concerned, Shariah Councils stand accused of perpetuating gender inequality in both access to services (payment of fees by mainly women users) and the Islamic principles being applied. Where financial outcomes for cohabitants are concerned, there is a comparable gender imbalance of the financial impact upon relationship breakdown. The issue of cultural norms and transitions including the evolving nature of the ‘family’ questions the adequacy of the current family law regime in England and Wales. This symposium seeks to propose a far-reaching range of legal solutions which can be used as the basis for a change in the law.

See website for agenda, speaker bios, and registration form (£40).