Meagan Froemming

ILSP 2014-2015 Research Fellow Meagan Froemming

Meagan Froemming received her JD from New York University School of Law in 2014. She holds a master’s degree from Harvard’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies, and completed her undergraduate work at Wellesley College. Prior to law school, Meagan spent a year managing a large-scale rural development project in the northern and eastern regions of Afghanistan—an experienILSP 2014-2015 Research Fellow Meagan Froemmingce which continues to inform and inspire her research today. Her current work, “The Promise of Culturally-Specific Development: Using Islamic Finance to Grow Rule of Law in Afghanistan,” explores the intersection of classical Islamic finance forms and Afghan sociocultural mores, and argues that by employing Sharī’ah-compliant financial processes and products, development efforts in Afghanistan can achieve greater success in encouraging economic growth, stable sovereignty, and
a cogent rule of law regime.

Office: MZ217
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