Does a Muslim Inmate Have a First Amendment Right to a Halal Meal? U.S. editor Abed Awad contrasts an inmate’s right to religious practice with the responsibility of correctional facilities. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) recently filed Gannon Thomas v. Boon County Sheriff on behalf of Gannon Thomas, an inmate in Indiana who claims he has a right to halal meals as a practicing Muslim. Awad considers Gannon’s claim of violated religious rights within the narrative of past cases pertaining to religious diets and the American penitentiary system.  Read more. Image credit: Getty Images


The Anatomy of SHARIAsource: An Interview with Research Editor Sharon Tai Sharon Tai spoke with journalist Noor Ali for the September/October 2016 issue of Islamic Horizons. Tai summarized the mission of SHARIAsource, which is to make content and context on Islamic law accessible to a wide audience. A central part of this effort is the creation of an online portal of Islamic legal texts and relevant expert commentaries, both historical and contemporary, to facilitate global information-sharing, exchange, and debate. In addition to highlighting the current and future features of the portal, Tai addressed the academic complexities and potential challenges of the project. Read more. Image credit: Islamic Horizons Sept/Oct issue

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