Social Media Policy


Social media, including networking sites and blogs, are increasing in popularity and activity. Social media accounts and content often blur the line between personal and professional, potentially in ways that can interfere with our community principles of productive and respectful discourse. In order to help you navigate this space, we include the following recommendations on how best to utilize social media. Your social media accounts and activities are your domain. The recommendations in this policy are meant to protect the principles of SHARIAsource that allow our community to exist.

These recommendations are by no means exhaustive. Publication and commentary on social media carries similar obligations to any other kind of publication or commentary. It is important to remember that what is posted is traceable and often permanent. We expect all those who participate in social media communities to follow these recommendations and to exercise their best judgment on the content they post.


This Social Media Policy applies to all editors of SHARIAsource. In addition, individuals that represent SHARIAsource to the public are expected to adhere to this Social Media Policy and any applicable provisions when working on behalf of SHARIAsource.

When editors create their own blogs, comment on a blog, create a LinkedIn profile, work on the SHARIAsource’s web pages, Twitter, use Facebook and/or contribute to or through any of the other online media, they may both impact their personal image and potentially impact SHARIAsource. If your social media profile states that you work for SHARIAsource, SHARIAsource then considers your activity on that social media as associated with the SHARIAsource. Therefore, we are asking all editors to follow the recommendations below regarding social media responsibility.

What We Aim For

We co-create an academically rigorous and healthy environment that is conducive to productive discussion and allows us all to exercise self-expression, innovative thinking, and full participation in community dialogue, guided by the following principles. SHARIAsource and its editors are guided by the following principles:

Freedom of Academic Expression 

Editors are encouraged to write, edit, innovate, act, and lead with passion, energy, intelligence and respect for others.

Respect for Varying Opinions

We recognize the dignity of all individuals and respect and trust that we will have different opinions on important subjects.

Productive and Respectful Discourse

We work to provide a discursive environment in which all are free to participate without fear of hostility, discrimination, intimidation, or harassment. SHARIAsource will not tolerate discrimination, including age, sex, race, color, creed, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, citizenship, disability, or marital status.


The same principles found in the Code of Conduct and Ethics apply to your activities on social media. And, ultimately, you are solely responsible for what you post on Social Media.

Assume goodwill. Assume that people have goodwill toward you, and if you see something contrary to that, question it, but do not assume that the person is attacking you. If you continue to have a problem with another member of our community, contact SHARIAsource staff for help in resolving the issue.

Maintain confidentiality. Never divulge proprietary or confidential information concerning SHARIAsource, our projects, our staff, or our affiliates.

Be accurate. When posting content, your overall goal should be providing value through accurate information. You should not knowingly post anything that is false.

Be respectful. Respect the opinions of others. You may have disagreements, but please make your opinions respectfully. We do not tolerate intimidating or threatening comments.

Be fair and courteous. Issues within the community are more likely to be resolved in person than by posting complaints on social media. And, even if you do post regarding SHARIAsource- related issues, avoid anything that could be construed as malicious, obscene, threatening or intimidating, that disparages colleagues, or that might constitute harassment or bullying.

Examples of such conduct might include offensive posts meant to intentionally harm someone’s reputation or posts that could contribute to a hostile community on the basis of race, gender, disability, religion, or any other status protected by law or SHARIAsource policy.

What you publish on social media should never be attributed to SHARIAsource. Please make it clear that you are speaking for yourself. Furthermore, even if you do not mention SHARIAsource, your affiliation with SHARIAsource may be readily ascertainable. Please use common sense when making online comments, even if you intend for them only to be personal in nature. If you choose to use your work affiliation on any social media (such as LinkedIn), then you should regard any communication on that network as you would in a professional network.

When listing an affiliation with SHARIAsource on any social media or blogging account, Editors should be sure to make clear that the views expressed are theirs alone and do not represent the views of SHARIAsource, its contributors, or its affiliates.

Be aware of your association with SHARIAsource in social media. If you identify yourself as a SHARIAsource editor, ensure your profile, photographs and related content is consistent with how you wish to present yourself with colleagues and our community.

Because social media is in the public domain, SHARIAsource reserves the right to monitor public social media accounts.