StackLife — The Digital Library of Islamic Law — will provide a virtual browser to the Islamic law collection at Harvard University, as well as to partner institutions as they develop. The virtual browser improves access to and usability of information on Islamic law in institutional collections, by allowing users to browse the collection as if they were standing right in front of it. In traditional research, scholars often learn a lot from the books next to the ones they deliberately sought to access, just as they glean much from the organization of a book and the marginalia on its pages or folios once open. StackLife will allow users to get all of the benefits of browsing and reading millions of pages of primary Islamic law sources without having to travel to every institution that houses them. Combined with our other Digital Islamic Law Tools currently in development, the virtual library will also allow scholars to annotate and otherwise manipulate the sources for their own research and in collaboration with a growing community of scholars of Islamic law active on the SHARIAsource Portal. Beginning with the Harvard Islamic law collection, we will provide update the virtual library as we go.