Policy for Student RA and Intern Program

Last updated 02.02.19

  1. General

The Program in Islamic Law at Harvard Law School (“PIL” or the “Program”) may from time to time appoint paid or unpaid “student interns” or “research assistants.” Such appointees must abide by the policies of Harvard University, Harvard Law School, and PIL.

  1. Requirements and Purpose

Student research assistants or interns must be enrolled in a 4-year college or a graduate or professional school. The purpose of the Student RA Program is to provide work and research opportunities in an applied setting within the Program.

  1. Duration of Internship

RAs or interns are appointed for a minimum of 8 weeks during the year, for a minimum of 10 hours per week. Appointments of shorter lengths or hours per week will only be considered on an exceptional, case-by-case basis.

  1. Pay for Student Employees

Paid student research assistants will be paid at or above the minimum wage then set for student workers by Harvard Law School.

  1. Resources

PIL will arrange for library access to the Harvard Law School library for student research assistants. Office space for individual student research assistants or interns will not typically be available, Instead, student research assistants may work from the PIL office during normal business hours during the school year. Student RAs or Interns must bring their own laptops.

  1. Office Keys

Student research assistants or interns will not receive keys. If, on an exceptional basis, they need access to the office keys for after-hours work, students will be responsible for the safekeeping and return of the office key. Loss of an office key may result in a fine equal to the cost of replacing all affected locks.

  1. Use of Letterhead

Student research assistants and interns are not permitted to use the Harvard University, Harvard Law School, or PIL seal/logo or letterhead (unless they have a separate affiliation that allows such use).

  1. Representation as a Student RA or Intern

Student Interns may not represent themselves as affiliated with PIL prior to joining the Program. Once the term of appointment is over, student RAs and interns may represent themselves as former student RAs or Interns of PIL or in a context that clearly shows the dates of appointment (e.g., on a CV).

  1. Consent for Use of Likeness and Name

Each RA or Intern hereby authorizes and consents to the use of his or her name, voice, photograph, and likeness by Harvard University, Harvard Law School, and PIL without reservation or limitation. As used herein, “photographs” shall include any photograph, photographic reproduction or facsimile, still or moving, or any videotape or live transmission, or any recordings thereof. The student RA or Intern agrees to receive no compensation other than agreed-upon stipend and/or resources being provided by PIL during the term of their appointment. Property rights to any photographs of the undersigned produced or prepared by Harvard University, Harvard Law School, PIL, or any agent or successor thereof, pursuant to this authorization and consent, shall vest in and remain with Harvard University, Harvard Law School, or PIL, as the case may be. Said photographs may be used via print, the web, and any online or over-the-air and/or closed-circuit broadcast transmission facility.

The RA or Intern, by his/her signature below, waives any cause of action for personal injury and/or property damage by virtue of the taking and use of photographs as herein described. This authorization and consent shall be binding upon the undersigned heirs, successors, licensees, agents, and assigns, and shall be governed by the laws of the State of Massachusetts.

  1. Breach and Related Consequences

Misconduct involves contravention of the above obligations. Serious misconduct involves serious and/or repeated contravention of the above obligations. Misconduct will lead to a reprimand, warning, or docking of the RA or Student Intern’s stipend (if any). Serious misconduct will usually lead to summary dismissal, that is, dismissal without notice or a greater docking of the RA or Intern’s stipend (if any).