SHARIAsource Lab- Reza Takhshid

On Monday, February 22, 2021, Reza Takhshid presented “NLP for Lawyers and Islamic Law Scholars” as part of our Islamic Law, Data Science, and AI Lab. Machine learning and natural language processing are becoming inseparable part of many studies in the fields of humanities. While most of current NLP models are trained for the purpose of understanding general and everyday language, they can be fine-tuned to benefit studies in a specific field such as law. Such work has already been done with the English language, however, similar tools in other languages such as Persian (Farsi) and Arabic remain limited. This lecture focused on Persian NLP and briefly discusses the current state of Persian NLP for general language processing and understanding. It touched upon its shortcomings and strengths. It also discussed a roadmap of steps to be taken to have the current NLP tools and models prepare for research in the field of Law.