Roundtable- Islamic Legal History and Historiography Live Webinar

The Program in Islamic Law hosted a live webinar to conclude and discuss the various contributions to the Roundtable on Islamic Legal History and Historiography! The Live Roundtable, which took place on Friday, March 5, 2021, takes stock of the state of scholarship on Islamic legal history and explores themes that emerged from the Roundtable that merited further scholarly attention. The first panel, “Social-historical studies: Legal texts as sources,” featured Michael Cook, Najam Haider, Carl Petry, Yossef Rapoport, Marina Rustow, and Elizabeth Urban. This was followed by the second panel, “Doctrinal studies: Approaches to fiqh texts,” which featured Ersilia Francesca, Rob Gleave, Haider Hammoudi, Marion Katz, and Sohaira Siddiqui. The final panel, “Quantitative methods: Computational approaches,” featured Metin Cosgel, Bogac Ergene, Irene Kirchner, and PIL Faculty Director,  Intisar Rabb.