Past Lectures

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Event Details
Katz Feb 2019 lecture
Marion Katz, “Wives, Housework, and the Changing Boundary between Islamic Law and Ethics”
On Feb 13, Professor  Marion Katz  of NYU gave a lecture on “Wives, Housework, and the Changing Boundary Between Islamic Law and Ethics.” She explored the historical-legal controversies over domestic labor and the construction of gender and relationships in Islamic law on the books and in the social practices of Muslim communities. The event was live-tweeted under the hashtag #KatzLecture.
fadel mar 28 video
Mohammad Fadel, ” Spousal Abuse and Islamic Law Reform”
On Mar 28, Professor Mohammad Fadel of the University of Toronto gave a lecture on “Nushuz, Lawful Discipline and Spouse Abuse in the Maliki Madhab: A History and Its Relevance to Modern Islamic Law Reform.” He discussed examples of Muslim judges from Mamlūk and Andalusian courts seeking out cases of spousal abuse rather than waiting for those cases to be brought before them, thereby treating marriage rights as a matter of public law. The event was live-tweeted under the hashtag #FadelLecture.
Link to MAR Fireside Chat
Fireside Chat with Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf
As the keynote address to the 2019 Harvard Sports Law Symposium on April 1, former NBA player and civil rights activist Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf spoke about his childhood, basketball career and experience advocating for social justice in the United States. Professor Intisar Rabb initiated the conversation in a “fireside chat” with questions about Abdul-Rauf’s inspiration for playing basketball and desire to become a legend in the league.